What if you could create an unforgettable brand without spending thousands of dollars on a designer 

ATTENTION COACHES, influencers & online business owners...

You know you should have a professional looking brand but you have no clue where to begin.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re confused about what the “right” branding is and jump from one online guru to the next, mimicking their style because if it works for them, it has to work for you, right?

Um, no.

But you know what’s worse than having the wrong branding? Not having any branding at all.

Being forgettable.

All your hard work just to be looked over and forgotten after they scroll past you in their feed.

It goes like this: 

Spending hours crafting the perfect social media post and graphic only to get a handful of likes - from your friends and family!

Always feeling self-conscious promoting yourself online because your branding (or lack of) doesn’t truly represent the quality of work you provide.

Not having a clear idea of your brand and always feeling like you’re starting from scratch (and wasting a ton of time in the process)

Having an Instagram feed that looks like random chaos rather than clearly communicating what you do. 

Ugh. I’ve been there. MOST entrepreneurs have.

And it can start to seriously impact your belief in your ability to succeed as a business owner.

I know because I played the branding yo-yo game myself, even as a brand expert for other entrepreneurs.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

After working with hundreds of business owners over the years, I’ve discovered what holds you back with branding - and it's not the colors, fonts and logo.

If I can overcome it, and the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with can overcome it, so can you. And the truth is you HAVE to.

Because it doesn't matter how smart, talented or good you are at what you do - if you’re not standing out online, grabbing their attention in 2-3 seconds, then you are forgettable…

And they’ll never get to benefit from all your wonderful gifts.

You can be the best money coach on the internet but if you dont’ look like the millions you promise, no one’s going to trust you.

You can have the best digital course teaching photography to beginners but if you’re not catching their attention on Pinterest, they’ll never know.

You can be an aspiring influencer, with a growing Instagram audience but if you don’t have a professional brand to help you stand out and look the part, the big brands will never give you a chance. 

How would your business be different if you…

Had a gorgeous brand that looked professionally designed and authentically communicated who you are and what you do to your ideal clients?

Without paying a designer thousands of dollars…
Without the time and stress of learning complicated design software…
And without risking your hard earned money on a low-budget designer.

How would it feel to…

Be taken seriously and be seen as a leader in your industry?

To look more legit and have more confidence in your business?

To attract a higher caliber of clientele who gladly pays you and you LOVE to serve?

Have the ability to be picky AF about who you work with because you’re in DEMAND? 

Not only is this possible - I created a course to help you do it! 


Brand Your Business

The ultimate DIY branding course for coaches, course creators and digital entrepreneurs that want to create an unforgettable brand without paying thousands of dollars.

Here’s how Brand Your Business is different that other brand design courses:

My goal is to help entrepreneurs (just like you!) who are struggling with their brand identity to create designs they’re proud of. 

You’re not a designer

And I don’t treat you like you are. Each design module shows you how to create every element of your brand in Canva. But if you’re more advanced, there’s an Adobe Illustrator module that walks you through the basics. 


Listen, if you’ve ever tried to DIY your logo before then you know you’re going to want someone to tell you if it looks good… or not. During the weekly office hours, you can get my feedback on any part of your brand design.


Doesn’t matter if you’re rebranding or launching another business - once you’re in, you’re in. You have access to all the modules and office hours for as long as I’m still hosting them. 

This self-paced course will teach you how to:

Discover your secret sauce so you can stake your claim in any niche and attract the good clients that happily pay you whatever your heart desires.

Define your brand style to clearly communicate who you are so you stand out and connect with your dream clients on a deeper level.

Choose fonts and colors to create a brand that looks professional and differentiates you from your competitors (goodbye overwhelm and decision fatigue 👋)

Create a professionally designed logo without Photoshop so you look legit AF without spending thousands of dollars. 

You’ll walk away with your very own professional-looking logo and brand!

Module 1: Brand Clarity Framework

Learn the secret to standing out in an oversaturated marketplace.

Discover your secret sauce and where you fit into the market.

Learn my simple process to pinpoint your authentic brand style. 

Module 2: Choose Your
Color Palette

Create your very own brand mood board using free online tools. 

Learn how to choose colors that compliment each other and communicate your brand voice. 

Narrow down your selections and create a manageable color palette

Module 3: Font Pairing

Learn the difference between font styles and how to choose fonts that communicate your brand voice.

Learn how to pair fonts so it looks like a professional designer created your brand.

Discover the most common font mistakes and how to avoid them. Learn what fonts you need and create your font palette. 

Module 4: Create Your Logo

Discover multiple ways to get creative and style your logo.

Create your own logo or choose one from my Canva-Based Logo Library with 26 pages of fully customizable logos and brand elements.

Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator to create your own custom logo (totally optional).  

Module 5: Patterns & Textures

Learn how to choose patterns that compliment your brand without overpowering it or looking cheap. 

Where, when and how to use patterns in your brand design (without looking like an amateur). 

How to use stock photos to enhance your designs instead of looking fake or unnatural. 

Module 6: Brand Consistency

Learn my tips and tricks to stay consistent to grow your brand recognition and loyalty.

Create your very own brand guide to pass off to your VA, web designer or graphic designer.

What to put in your brand folder to make working with a designer smooth as chocolate mousse. 

Plus you’ll get these 3 incredible bonuses! 


You get 26 pages (and growing!) of fully customizable logo designs and brand elements to make creating your logo a breeze. 


Leave the design headache to me. I’ve created fully customizable mood board and brand guide templates in Canva for you to use. Just drag and drop your images into the template and be done in MINUTES! 


Share your work and get feedback from your peers - a lot of them might be your ideal clients so this is GOLD!

($197 VALUE)

Hop into the group to get direct feedback about your designs from Amber during the weekly office hours. She'll make sure that your brand and logo looks like a professional designed it! 

Grab Brand Your Business… Quick!

When you sign up you get lifetime access to all the modules and templates included with the course ($997 Value)

Module 1: Brand Clarity Framework
Module 2: Choose Your Color Palette
Module 3: Font Pairing
Module 4: Create Your Logo
Module 5: Patterns & Textures
Module 6: Brand Consistency

BONUS! Fully Customizable Canva-based Logo Library ($297 VALUE)
BONUS! Brand & Mood Board Canva Templates ($97 VALUE)
BONUS! BONUS Private Members Only Facebook Group (VALUE $197)
BONUS! BONUS! Weekly Office Hours (VALUE $197)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $1,882…

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the Brand Your Business family, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY at the special promo price of just... 

2 Monthly Payments




One Payment of 




(save $101)

I know that once you’ve created your new brand and logo you’ll be beaming with pride and have a new found confidence in your business.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the skills I teach will be thrilled with their purchase. That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not in love with your brand or this product, let us know within 14 days and we’ll issue you a full refund. 

Hold up - Wondering who the wizard cracking your brand code is?...

Meet Amber - Designer, funnel strategist, cool mom, meme addict who loves teaching online entrepreneurs how to create authentic personal brands and scale their businesses with ease.

Heyoo! Happy to see you here. Branding seems pretty simple, right? Pick some colors, choose a couple fonts and voila! Done… Until you sit down to actually do it. Three hours deep in a Pinterest search, nothing makes sense anymore and you start questioning your very existence.

Confession time: I’ve been there! I used to change up my branding every few months because I just couldn’t find branding I loved.. That is, until I applied the exact framework I use with my clients on my own business. Now I have a brand that clearly conveys who I am to the world.

This is the exact framework I’ve used with hundreds of clients over the past five years - and now it’s in your hands. I got you on this! 

6 Ways to know if Brand Your Business is perfect for you…

You’re a coach, service provider, course creator or digital entrepreneur that’s ready to be seen online instead of blending in with the crowd.

You want to be more confident about your brand and to reinvigorate your excitement about your business.

You want to stand out as a leader so you can get more interviews, guest spotlights and partnerships which means your message will have an impact on more people.

Build trust with your audience so you can grow your reach, have more impact and make more money.

You’re sick of seeing everyone be more successful than you and you’re fed up with making excuses.

You’re ready to invest in your branding, whether that’s with time or dollars, and you just need a little clarity and guidance (and templates!) to help you through.

However, this course probably isn’t for you if… 

You can’t get past the belief that because you’re not a bonafide designer, you can’t design a brand and logo you love.

Deep down you really don’t want to grow your business - you’re comfy right where you are on the struggle bus.

You’re not an action taker and know you won’t follow through on any of the assignments.

There has never been a better time to invest in your brand and change the course of your business

Imagine a couple short weeks from now…

You have a gorgeous brand and logo that you absolutely LOVE and you’re actually PROUD that you did it yourself. 

You’re showing up online more authentically…

With more confidence…

And your ideal clients are responding.

You’re attracting a higher caliber of client…

That connects with you, your voice and your message…

And they gladly pay you for your services.

All because you decided to invest in your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not a designer?

I created this course for the non-techy entrepreneur with no design skills. I’ve broken the process down into easy to process, easy to implement modules to ensure you make it through the course without getting overwhelmed. And if you get stuck, you can ask for help on the weekly call. 

What kind of software do I need?

You don’t need any. I show you how to create your brand and logo using Canva, a fre, online design tool. Some of the features may require an upgrade to access but it’s not necessary. 

Will I need to purchase anything else for this course? 

No, you don’t need to purchase anything else. You’re given everything you need to create your brand and logo with Canva. However, if you decide to use custom fonts and design elements you’ll have to purchase those yourself. Additionally, you can get by with Canva’s free version but if you’d like to access all their features, you will have to upgrade. 

What if I need help?

I got you covered. I host a group call every week where you can ask for feedback on your designs. You also have access to the Facebook group and can get feedback there. 

When do I get access to the course materials?

This is a digital course so you get access to the modules immediately. You also get any updates or additional modules that I add to the course. 

What if I'm just starting out?

This is perfect for you! Many people struggle with their branding for years because it’s so overwhelming and they don’t have a simple process to zero in on their style and execute it. 
Brand Your Business doesn’t just teach you the design skills. We dive deeper to understand your business and ideal client to create a brand that’s uniquely YOU. 

Can’t I just hire someone to do it for me? 

Yes you can! If you're interested in done-for-you services, click here to learn about my Day Rate packages. 

What if I decide this isn't for me?

Brand Your Business comes with a 14-day money back guarantee so if you decide this isn’t the program for you, let us know and we’ll send you a refund. 

2 Monthly Payments




One Payment of 




(save $101)

I’m ready to brand my business!