Black Lives Matter

(stop killing black people)(love black lives the way you love black culture)(racism is a pandemic)(black skin isn't a crime)(Police violence isn't an accident)

(racism has no place)(please, I can't breathe)(no justice, no peace)(justice can't wait)(black futures matter)(suffocate the racists)(not another black life)(we are all the same and equal)

Here is my commitment to anti-racism: 

I am committed to continually learning about white privilege, racism and the history of oppression AND having hard conversations. 

I am committed to being an ALLY → not just posting shit on social media. 

I’m committed to raising my kids to understand white privilege and being actively engaged in anti-racism, social justice work. 

I’m committed to working with BBIPOC leaders and promoting black/brown voices. 

I’m committed to creating safe spaces. 

I’m committed to empowering people and organizations that are fighting racism. 

Starting today, 50% of the profit of my digital courses will be donated to an organization committed to fighting racism.

Organizations include: - Works to end police brutality in America through research-proven strategies. - Works to make government more responsive to racial disparities. - Provides social and academic support to help black youth succeed in college and beyond. 

Digital Courses

Brand Clarity Framework


Discover Your Personal Brand without Photoshop, fancy tech skills or the hefty price tag (even if you’ve been struggling with this for YEARS and have no idea where to start…)

Brand Your Business


The ultimate DIY branding course for coaches, course creators and digital entrepreneurs that want to create an unforgettable brand without paying thousands of dollars.

My Commitment to Empowering WOC

I’m committed to helping BBIPOC womxn grow their businesses and prosper. Every month, I am donating one funnel project to a womxn of color who is just starting her business or is struggling to get momentum. 

To apply or nominate someone, please click the button below and fill out the form on the next page.  

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